Critical Thinking for ARMY: 5 Must-Ask Questions…

Critical Thinking for ARMY: 5 Must-Ask Questions…

It’s very easy for some ARMY to find themselves led into situations or thought processes that work against getting the most out of BTS fandom enjoyment.

Whether it’s getting gaslighted by some manager anti/manti or being scammed, there’s always someone with nefarious intentions. Some people will say this is a recent problem, but I promise it isn’t. Scammers, exploiters, shills, and the like have been around for years.

Perhaps what’s different is that certain accounts known for raising the alarms have gone quiet. Even so, not everyone is gone. But even without these helpful individuals, it’s still on you to use that wonderful brain of yours!

Critical thinking involves “the analysis of facts to form a judgment.” Or as we spoke about previously, collecting and reviewing receipts.

So with that in mind, here are FIVE must-ask questions you should *always* keep near the back of your mind whenever encountering something potentially rotten on the bird app.

1.) Who/What Is The Source?

It’s vital to consider where you’re getting your information from and why before drawing conclusions. “Big account” doesn’t necessarily translate to “reliable source.” Just look at the recent GA fiasco.

Don’t be the person that trusts a source because a lot of other people follow them. Try to get an idea of their comment history and past behavior. If they’re a known sh-t-stirrer, ignore them.

2.) Where Are The Receipts?

Often, the quickest way to know if you’re encountering nonsense is that it comes with incomplete receipts, fake receipts, or no receipts at all.

The bigger the accusation, the more crucial it is to be able to confirm what’s being said is the truth. That’s why people stay scared of ARMY receipts; if there’s ever a fandom that’s coming with facts, it’s this one.

3.) Who Benefits?

Always ask yourself who benefits when certain things are going down. If it’s not BTS and ARMY, then who? Remember that solo stans do not support BTS and everything they want involves a member leaving the group.

Whenever you encounter a particular rumor or situation, try to think about who it benefits and why. Conversations about colorism or appropriation are important even if some find these topics “unpleasant.” It’s not the same as a person lying about “I Purple You” and claiming Taehyung was talking about solo stans.

You can engage in a discussion that’s meant to help you understand a certain POV or why certain behaviors aren’t appropriate. Just because it takes you out of your preferred comfort zone doesn’t meant it’s to be avoided.

Try to focus on info and insight that works for the fandom rather than against it!

4.) What action(s) am I being asked to take and does it/do they make logical sense?

Whenever you are targeted with demands to take an action, always make sure it’s a logical one. Reporting an account engaged in illegal behaviors or using their account to make others unsafe? Okay!

Obliging someone’s unfounded personal vendetta in a way that can get you kicked off Twitter or placed in legal jeopardy? Be smarter than that.

De*th threats? Doxxing? Constant dog-piling and harassment? You might get a thrill out of acting like an idiot, but the day may come where you have to answer for those behaviors.

5.) Will I Still Care In A Week?

One of the surest ways to tell if a situation or rumor passes the “sniff test” is by considering whether or not it’s something that will even matter after a few days.

Some drama-loving people will keep stirring up non-issues for clout and entertainment. And the issue that they’re going on about is something that they’ll have forgotten by next week.

Before you get caught up, ask yourself in all seriousness if you can see yourself giving a damn in seven days. If not, shrug and go on with life.

Conclusion: Think first, react second…or not at all.

It can be very easy for us to jump into something without first getting all the facts or considering, objectively, if the situation is more harmful than helpful to us and our ARMY moots.

By taking the time to consider these questions, you could save yourself a lot of time and trouble. Try to stick to people and topics you enjoy and remember to streamline your Twitter feeds!

(Feat image from Pixabay + Pexels)

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