Taking a moment to write this brief PSA, “to whom it may concern,” etc. about continuing to interact with some people who are still desperately grasping for any and every kind of straw. All in an effort to paint the members of BTS as some hapless paupers in desperate need of rescuing. Please stop arguing with delusional bubble-brained idiots who simply cannot face the reality that BTS succeeded where their pre-existing faves failed.

It all comes down to this: “Nobody else did it, so why should BTS? Nobody else had it, so why should BTS?” That’s their whole shtick, and it’s OLD.

These people do not give a damn about BTS or ARMY. They see what they want to see and they believe what they want to believe. They are full to the brim with their fantasy, their dystopian outlook that they seek to protect by looking high and low for the bad and the horrific and never for the joy and the good.

They will beat their heads against every wall you present them rather than surrender their argument that “BTS is a troubled, manipulated group who will never be truly happy and every smile you see is a facade!”

Listen: BTS members are successful, rich, loved, and far happier than they would be if they were with a different company and without ARMY. That’s just reality. Besides, whenever members feel anything but contentment, they almost always let us know, just like they eventually got around to telling us about their past doubts and struggles in various docu-series.

Name another massively successful Korean idol or popular K-pop group that was/is as intimate and forward about their day-to-day realities and reactions to hardships WHILE STILL AT THEIR COMPANY AND IN THEIR PRIME and for all the world to see. I would say, “Don’t worry, I’ll wait,” but we all know the answer to that question and I do not have time to waste like that.

ARMYs know the reality as we were and are an active part of shaping it. ARMY impersonators don’t because their entire preoccupation has been with courting division and hopelessness. They don’t understand our faith because they never had that with their true faves, the ones closest to their heart. So after getting blindsided and bitter over the reality of a shady industry, and they are desperate to drag BTS and ARMY into their nonsense.

Nevermind you’re looking at a group and fandom that succeeded when everyone was trying to stomp on us “Black Swan” art performance video style. Forget that we are on the other side now, having risen above a bleak industry with limited originality and probably no future!

People want to drag us into all of that so they can paint a picture of a non-existent present where they get to be the observant whistle-blowers who understand everything because of some past hurts that they brought into this space with BTS and ARMY and won’t let go of.

No thank you, I hit up Wattpad when I’m in the mood for some sad fan fiction.

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Anyway, please don’t waste your time arguing with the clowns that wandered away from the circus. It’s too beautiful a day and I’m loving this new “Stay Gold” MV.

Wasn’t that lovely?

Anyway, I am in the midst of putting together some stuff and I just wanted to get that off my chest real quick. 😀

Have a pleasantly purple day!

What Did You Think Of The “Stay Gold” MV?

IMAGE: “Stay Gold”/BTS/Big Hit Labels on YouTube

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