BTS Sweep, Haters Weep: 4 Takeaways From This Year’s Melon Music Awards

BTS Sweep, Haters Weep: 4 Takeaways From This Year’s Melon Music Awards

It’s been a minute since I blogged and I’m sorry. But BTS just snatched the hair follicles off of everything within a 24,901 mile (40,075 km) radius, so I had to talk about it!

These are my takeaways from the 2019 Melon Music Awards.

#1 – A Daesang All-Kill

BTS became the first act in the history of the Melon Music Awards to take ALL the major awards of the night. In other words, the first artists to sweep this award show.

It was all possible thanks to the tremendous success BTS enjoyed with Map of the Soul: Persona in 2019. Not to mention the record-breaking amount of support BTS’ music enjoyed through ARMY. Yes, teamwork makes the dream work. Again!

#2 – BTS Really Did THAT

And by “that,” I mean they gave ARMYs our life, afterlife, infinity, and beyond! They put on an epic 37-minute performance. I’m eagerly awaiting the chance to post it here because it’s definitely worth the re-watch!

It was an opportunity for BTS to showcase not just their discography, but their ability to hold a vast audience—both in person and watching around the world—spellbound. These award show stages tend to be huge, and so have the potential to swallow some artists whole. However, BTS is a group that’s put on shows in enormous stadiums all year long.

What we could see is not just how much they’ve grown as performances but also the confidence. They were the most senior group at the MMAs, and they gave a masterclass performance. I hope the rookie groups in attendance learned some valuable lessons from watching them. 🙂

I was so impressed with the quality of their stage!

It’s something that’s easy to take for granted as an ARMY. We’re used to BTS going above and beyond to give us their all and for them to have these elaborate performances. That’s why it’s so frustrating to think of how these sorts of stages are rare in the West these days. BTS hasn’t really been afforded the opportunity to put on this kind of show on Western television in any capacity.

And honestly, I don’t think it’s accidental. It would take BTS blowing everyone else off the stage one time to undermine this idea of “inferior K-pop group” that some people are desperate to keep perpetrating.

Anyway, I’m really happy with their performance, and looking forward to seeing what they do at the MAMAs and Jingle Ball!

#3 – Staying Home Is No Way To Compete

It was made well known before the MMAs that many top groups would NOT be attending the show. In fact, BTS was the most senior group there. JYPE did send their rookie girl group Itzy, but many acts were absent from the seats and the Melon stage.

Not that they were missed.

What was meant as a blow to the MMAs was ultimately a blow to the egos in question. Certainly, if they watched that packed stadium and witnessed thousands of ARMYs singing in unison at an empty stage, it was probably the beginning of the end of their delusional assumptions about how “necessary” their lackluster, manufactured music is to the world.

Not only did they flop at netting awards, but in the face of seasoned veterans putting on a half-hour concert (not to mention plenty of indie and rookie artists getting a chance to shine), one might argue that they did us all a favor. ☕

Gone are the days when the absence of a so-called “Big 3” company’s roster hurt award or end of year shows. The market is TOO flooded for such threats to hold water. Pun absolutely intended.

These antics are also reflected in the decision of everyone and their brother to attend the AAA awards, knowing that the absence of BTS meant everyone could go home with their particular participation award.

Witnessing this behavior only helps validate my decision to move on from discussing K-pop in 2020. Here or on Twitter. It’s sad, but this behavior is indicative of an industry that would rather mime than compete. They want to retreat into the past, into a fantasy of dominance rather than be inspired to bring their A-game and produce truly quality music.

Perhaps what’s so frustrating is that there is potential for change for the better. However, certain others demand to be catered to because of their name and this idea that they shouldn’t have to compete with “sh*tspoons.”

These are the people that the Western music industry let themselves get taken in by after imagining they were capable of producing a BTS clone that would give them gold. The only gold any of them have since generated is of the fool’s variety.

Watching BTS sweep the daesangs would have no doubt been embarrassing. What’s even MORE embarrassing is that they’re in a position to do so because of the refusal to raise standards. Retreating to spaces where you don’t have to compete is not the answer. Unfortunately, I suspect this is a lesson that will be learned too late.

#4 – Shadow Is Coming To End Our Lives

The decision to perform Dionysus last is important. It emphasized that this last track off of Persona is leading us into a brand new era. It might even be representative of an impending level of intensity and ferociousness.

If so, I suspect we’re about to get an album that will send our edges, wigs, and scalps to the other side of the observable universe. Again we seemed to get clues that indicated that the next album WILL be called Shadow and that January 10th is a date we need to have our eyes on.

I want to say, “I’m ready,” but that’s probably a lie. LOL! In any case, if you have not already, start saving money!!!


IMAGE: BTS Official Twitter

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