First of all,


And second of all, my Bangtan is a GRAMMY AWARD-NOMINATED GROUP and I couldn’t be prouder!!! Congratulations to BTS and the talented writers and producers who helped to develop “Dynamite” into the smash hit that it is today.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate this moment for BTS, an ultra-talented and inspiring septet who overcame incredible odds to reach the pinnacle of the global music industry. It’s good to remember that this would be true whether they were nominated today or not.

Still, it’s always pleasing when excellence gets deservedly recognized.

Congratulations to the rest of my ARMY fam who have not stopped screaming, crying, and in some cases, reading for blood. I’m proud of all of us because as we know, “teamwork makes the dream work!”

I have other things to say, but I’m going to say them in a separate post. 😊 This post at least is all about BTS and ARMY and nobody else needs to clutter up this celebratory space.

I have no idea what will unfold at the award show (aside from a legendary performance), but for now, I’m extremely content and proud and enjoying the moment! 💜

IMAGE: Recording Academy/YouTube

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