Why I Snapped Over A Terrible K-pop Song
Is K-Pop Headed For a Monopoly After All?
My Favorite BTS Choreography Moments

BTS has had some AMAZING choreography over the years. I was tempted to create a list that just focused on my favorite choreo overall (for a whole song). However, the…

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Let’s Talk Breathing: Exercises To Help You Cope With Stress

I remember that for a while it seemed like every other K-pop song was called “Breathe” and there was this great emphasis on getting oxygen into the body.  People couldn’t…

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3 Times J-Hope Made Me Throw My Phone (To Save My Life)

If you follow me on Twitter, it’s common knowledge that Namjoon is my BTS-bias and Yoongi my bias wrecker more often than not. However, what you might not know is…

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BTS Is No Longer K-Pop? 5 Possible Consequences

I’d previously made a prediction in a past Twitter thread that I would start to see BTS being separated from the “K-pop” label (or idol label). This suggestion has caused…

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Odie Got A Blog — And You’re On It!

Wow. So here we are at last. After weeks of talking, planning, and promoting, Odie Got A Blog is finally up and running! I can hardly believe it. I’ve been…

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