10 Positive Affirmations For Scared ARMYs

10 Positive Affirmations For Scared ARMYs

When I was planning my website, I knew I wanted to have a space on the blog specifically to address things like stress, anxiety, depression, mental health, and activities that bring about self-healing and improvement.

The reason, if you don’t know, is that I get A LOT of Curious Cat questions from people who are just filled to the brim with negative emotions. A lot of people are afraid and they are constantly at the mercy of fearful thoughts.


I think for a lot of fans, BTS represents an escape or something in their lives that makes them purely happy. Maybe things aren’t so great in their own life. Or maybe things are okay, but they find themselves living vicariously through BTS and ARMYs. It might even be that things are fine, but these fans are just are very emotionally invested in the happiness of the group members.

Whatever the case may be, I found myself constantly communicating with people who expressed over and over their feelings of fear. Sometimes it was strictly “BTS-related.”

  • “I’m afraid BTS is going to lose their fame and be forgotten and nobody will love them any more!”
  • “I’m afraid if we lose/get second place, it’s going to be media played and people will pretend that BTS isn’t a really successful group.”
  • “I’m afraid that antis are going to successfully ruin BTS’s image and career.”

And other times, it’s more personal.

  • “I’m afraid that if I don’t get into the right college, I won’t get the right job and my life will be over — I’ll be a failure.”
  • “I’m doing nothing with my life. I don’t know what to do. I’m paralyzed and can’t make any decisions.”
  • “I don’t have anyone to listen to me. I’m so afraid, but I have no one to talk to. I don’t want to deal with this myself…but I’m all alone.”

You might stand back and say, “Well, those second fears are obviously worse than the first fears. That’s other stuff is just foolish fangirl thinking!”

And you’d be wrong.

When the body and mind react to negative emotions, I seriously doubt time gets taken to weigh which negative thoughts are “sillier” than the others. Over time such negative feelings can have an equally negative impact on the mind and body. So I take them as all being something that ARMYs (or non-ARMYs) need to work on.


Constantly complaining and thinking negatively is not good for you. PsychToGo, one of my favorite YouTube channels, uploaded a video complaining and negativity’s overall impact on your health:

So what ultimately I’m getting at is that I do take these complaints seriously and that I think it’s something I hope those with a negative mindset can begin to work on.

There will be multiple tools for that in this section. In this blog post, we’ll talk about using positive affirmations and self-talk.

Positive Affirmations

I’m a strong believer in the use of positive affirmations. These are short statements that you repeat daily as a means of encouraging and empowering yourself. Positive affirmations aren’t “magic words.” They’re meant to, little by little, replace the negative things you say to yourself (either out-loud or silently) over and over again.

Instead of reaching for a negative thought, you instead make it a habit to see things in a more positive way. As you build on this habit, you’re more likely to tell yourself something wonderful and encouraging than you are to beat yourself up and bring yourself down.

I’ve noticed that some ARMYs have a habit of doing these things to themselves (and others), and I’m hoping we can start to get away from such negative, fear-minded behaviors!


1.) “I am worthy of love and kindness.”


2.) “I will not be ruled by fear.”


3.) “My potential is limitless.”


4.) “I am allowed to ask others for help.”


5.) “I will be the first to love myself … and the last to put myself down.”


6.) “My goals don’t come with a time limit.”


7.) “I am a beautiful and unique being who adds meaning to the world.”


8.) “I will hold my head up so high, all I see is the light of the sky.”


9.) “I can achieve my goals, be it with large steps or baby steps.”


10.) “I will work hard to see the best in my self and to become my best self.”


You don’t have to say all of these affirmations. If only one resonates with you, let that be your daily affirmation. Would you prefer to make your own, specific positive affirmations? That’s fine, too!

The goal is to begin to replace negative, fear-based thinking with thoughts that are much more positive.

I really hope these positive affirmations helps, and I look forward to adding more posts to the “For Healing” section of the site. 🙂

*You might be wondering, “Wait, why don’t these affirmations specifically say ‘ARMY’ or reference BTS?” Well, because I want these to be something that you can use in your day-to-day life. We’re all just people at the end of the day, so this should be something you can apply whenever.


[IMAGES: 1 and 2; all affirmation images from Pexels.com]

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