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Why did you create Odie Got A Blog?

About a year and a half ago, I was starting to create longer and longer threads on Twitter. And after a few of my followers suggested I create a blog, I decided it would be a worthwhile change.

And in February 2018, I launched Odie Got A Blog!

Why manage a website when you have a growing Twitter account?

Social media might be great for getting exposure but it’s absolutely TERRIBLE for content ownership and unlimited self-expression. So many people are social media “influencers” who put 100 percent of their content on a platform and then they’re shook when the platform deletes something or kicks them off!

The TOS you sign when you join these platforms means they can pretty much do what they want to you or your content!

The more time passed, the more I realized I did not want to be beholden to any particular social media platform. I’m expanding my presence on multiple sites and I’m going to re-double my efforts in being active on OGAB.

What type of stuff do you create?

As of now, I’m best known for my threads over on Twitter. Here are my personal favorites (please excuse the typos, LOL!).

*There’s actually another version of Part 1 floating around, but I decided to update it after finding out some other stuff that fundamentally changed my thoughts on the topic going forward.

Aside from my Twitter threads, I write blog posts, podcast, and write ebooks. I also intend to have visual content (videos, art, etc.) at some point. There’s a lot I’m doing and a lot more I want to do.

I’m really trying hard to prioritize my content according to what works and what I truly enjoy. 🙂

Hmm, that’s a lot of BTS-related stuff. Do you talk about anything else?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!

I’m interested in everything from comics to mythology and regularly geek out about space news and animal facts. I guess you can say I was a nerd before it was cool. 😎

Additionally, I want to offer some advice and tips for people struggling to find and maintain a positive mindset.

So if you’re looking for my non-BTS stuff, you’re more likely to find it under GEEK OUT! and Pen Your Positive.

Why don’t you share your private life and information?

I know that it’s common for people to TMI everyone on social media. Especially those looking to become “major influencers.” But I actually originally intended for my main Twitter account, @sweetbtstea to be a writing account. As you can see from the name, that did not happen. Instead, it became a BTS ARMY fan account.

I currently am known by Odette “Odie” March because that’s my pen name. 🙂 It’s pretty much my whole social media identity because I’m just comfortable keeping that part of myself separate from my private life.

So I won’t be volunteering anything other than the fact that I’m a woman, African-American, in my 30s, and I typically operate in the Eastern US Time Zone.

Well, what are some things you CAN share about yourself, then?

Okay, so here are a few things about myself:

  • I love things that are soft and cute. Sometimes so much that I tear up. Very occasionally, I might actually cry over it. It has to be OVERWHELMINGLY adorable. This also doubles as the most embarrassing thing about myself that hardly anyone who knows me knows. Until now, I guess. 😐
  • I really like ghost stories, horror stories, and murder-mysteries…but I’m also a huge scaredy-cat. I don’t understand it either.
  • The Tilt-a-Whirl is my favorite carnival ride. I’ve admitted this before but I really like this ride. Instead of being terrified I’ll fly out, I feel like I’m getting a big hug. 😀
  • I had no plans to have “a big Twitter account. Like I said, @sweetbtstea was going to be a writing account. I did not PLAN to have more than a couple hundred followers and mutuals. Sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and you just go with it.

Why do you hate K-pop so much?! >:(

First of all…I do not hate K-pop. If I’ve ever had anything negative to say about K-pop, it’s related to very specific criticism I have of the industry and of the unwillingness of failed stans to financially support artists within the genre despite being loud to anyone and everyone about how they feel Group X, Y,Z “deserves” what BTS (my faves) have.

I do not go out of my way to bash K-pop as a genre. I think there are aspects of this niche that must be changed if there is any hope of it expanding behind its present limitations. Constructive criticism isn’t hatred.

Funnily enough, I can think of various tweets where I make it clear that I like a song or support a K-pop group. Or I complain about the unfair treatment of idols and idol groups. I also whine about poor industry standards and the need to safeguard against corruption and a potential monopoly.

Why would I do that if I hate K-pop?

What I hate is a lopsided industry where you have wealthy companies abusing their power, where quality and standards are embarrassingly low, and where the entire point is to treat human beings like Pokemon cards rather than promote good music. And it’s my right to not be satisfied with that!

I have my opinions about K-pop as an industry and as a genre or niche, and you can certainly disagree with me. You don’t know who or what I hate and why until I tell you.

“Why Don’t You Want K-pop To Do Well In America? Don’t ARMYs care about representation?”

I do not have time to get into the many ways this is a dumb and incorrect assumption. I’ll just say that I personally have no emotional investment in how anyone does in America except BTS. That said, I’m not going to le about how other K-pop groups are doing in comparison to BTS. If it’s not close, it’s not close. If it IS close, then I’ll say so.

If K-pop companies want their groups to do well in America, my advice would be to promote music and groups that mesh well with this market. The music doesn’t have to be in English, as BTS has already demonstrated. Americans haven’t been into blatantly manufactured pop music since the 90s. Take from that what you will.

By the way, there’s no law saying K-pop is the only kind of Asia-based music Americans are allowed to get into. There are music markets all across the Asian continent. Any one of them could produce a breakout artist (or several) that Americans like.

Can I translate stuff you write/say to share with others?

For the most part, I’m pretty cool with people translating my Twitter threads and blog posts. I haven’t had anyone ask to provide a translated script of my audio content, but if someone wants to go through the trouble…I don’t see me having a problem with that, either.

The only thing I ever ask is for proper credit and a link back. A lot of people ask me, and I appreciate that.

The only exception to this is for any content that is exclusively for patrons (Patreon/PayPal) or is otherwise sponsored.

Because of the nature of sponsored/exclusive content, it’s probably not practical for me to give that kind of permission.

If you’re not sure, try reaching out to me at @sweetbtstea or email me at hello@odiegotablog.com.


No, I am not Namjoon or any other BTS member. I do not work for Big Hit Entertainment. I’ve never been to Korea. I speak toddler-level Korean.

I’m a black woman from the United States and I have said this on multiple occasions. I even previously released audio where you can HEAR how not a Korean man I am in real life.

If despite this explanation you insist on believing otherwise, please tell me where you purchase your tinfoil hats from.

By the way, what is “Tinfoil Hat Time”/a “tinfoil hat.”

My “tinfoil hat” talk comes from the fact that it’s practically synonymous with conspiracy theories. “Tinfoil Hat Time” originally referred to a series of threads I’d write about crack theories or various claims that had a “conspiracy theory” vibe. (BTW, I’m mad that people were in these streets believing that “BTS vs. the Illuminati” thread. I was absolutely not serious. No, I’m not linking to it. :p)

I don’t see my question here. Like at all. 🙁 What now?

If you have a question you don’t see answered here, use my Contact page to submit it or write to me at faqs@odiegotablog.com. I’ll try to get back to you ASAP!

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