Justin Bieber: Please Shut The Hell Up!

Justin Bieber: Please Shut The Hell Up!

There’s really no polite way to say it, so I’ll just say it: Justin Drew Bieber, you whiny, entitled, white-privilege-soaked Canadian Caucasian, shut the entire fuck up!

I don’t care if your mama shoved a pair of headphones up into her womb so that you, as a fetus, could enjoy R&B talents ranging from Luther Vandross and Patti Labelle to Usher and Brandy. Admiration of black spaces is not nearly enough to justify admission to and occupation of those spaces. Point blank fucking period.

Imagine crying about one’s inability to sit at the R&B table with something like “Yummy.” Bieber, are you outside of your goddamn mind?!

After watching The Weeknd get utterly and inexplicably snubbed across the board, you want to bring your “I want to speak to the manager!” energy to the Internet because your music wasn’t deemed, for lack of a better word, black enough?!

I am so goddamn tired of white artists who benefit from America’s unabashedly racist music industry and are to go into every music space of people of color, “play” with our sounds, and “be inspired” by us getting all the awards and accolades for our blood, sweat, and tears.

If you felt your album was R&B, why the hell submit for pop? Better yet, why are you so sure that you were deserving of a nomination in this category? Why you specifically, Justin Bieber, and not many of the other artists of color who were snubbed?

I’m not even interested in an attempt at an answer. All I have to say to wrap this up is what I said to get it started: Shut the fuck up, Justin Bieber.


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