It’s Not My Business, But: A Shady Close To 2021

It’s Not My Business, But: A Shady Close To 2021

Hello and Happy New Year!

I imagine by the time this goes up, it will already be 2022 for some of you, while the rest of us have to wait a bit longer to bid adieu to 2021. For my part, 2021 wasn’t quite the nightmare fuel that 2020 had been. It actually felt like a year and not a decade of pure HELL.

That being said, I do like doing #itsnotmybusinessbut type posts and for whatever reason, I haven’t really had the chance to do many this year. So I’m going to post some now to close out 2021! 💃🏾

And so here is the last set of shiny #itsnotmybusinessbut thoughts for the year. Please enjoy!


  • BTS are not the first Korean artists to release English language music. They are, however, the first to enjoy hit-after-hit via their English language songs. The struggle people are having isn’t with BTS singing or rapping in English; it’s that they’re succeeding in English. It erases the delusion of BTS as a temporary novelty act or foreign fetish and people are mad.😊
  • Can the hacks who write terrible articles about BTS and ARMY for these magazines and websites @ me their editors? I would love to be bad at my job and still somehow get paid in this economy! 👋🏾
  • I hope all the thirst buckets clogging up BTS’s Instagram DMs in a desperate bid to drain them of clout like vampires all spontaneously develop a back itch in a spot they can’t reach no matter how hard they try, and that a Lego always finds their bare feet.
  • ARMY technically hasn’t been a K-pop fandom since 2018, as that was about the time that the majority of the fandom switched to being non-K-pop fans. I say this because it’s kind of painful watching people try to establish a rivalry with people who by and large have no idea who you or your faves are.
  • On that same note, we don’t have Western pop fandom rivals in 2021 either. How can we when you think it’s weird for fans to buy music instead of chase clout on Twitter all day? 🤔
  • I find it funny that some people think you can be “too old” to stan BTS, a group that references Jungian Psychology, sociopolitical issues such as class warfare, and non-linear time. We could ask for your graduate degree at the door, but this isn’t that type of fandom. Ageist gatekeeping of BTS is tacky. Go have a seat. 💺
  • Did y’all notice how mad and shady the Western media got once BTS dropped hit after hit in English? How do you go from condescendingly asking BTS, “Why can’t you release music in English?” to crying across multiple mediums now that they’ve done just that? Don’t ask for smoke if you don’t want the fire. 🔥
  • There’s caring about the health and happiness of BTS members, and then there’s knowing way too much about the groups’ personal lives and schedules. The former does not entitle you to the latter, and you are probably a creep.
  • I think one reason people are so mad at ARMY is that we are a community, whereas they are just common. And that’s not even our fault. Copy/pasting ARMY goals and nipping at our heels doesn’t build a community. Instead, they should start by actually caring about the people they claim to stan. You can’t secure their bag and be all up in ARMY business!

That’s all from me, but what’s your #itsontmybusinessbut hot take? Share below or @ me on Twitter!

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