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This is the category formerly known as “Thread Expander.” It will still focus on thoughts and ideas related to threads I write, including things I wanted to include, but didn’t have space or time.

It’s Not My Business, But: A Shady Close To 2021
Coming In January!

Hellooo~ I am in the process of creating content, documenting threads…and trying my best not to plant myself in front of BTS’s new Instagrams all day. MUST. BE. PRODUCTIVE! Anyway,…

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On Learning To Love Yourself Right Now

It can be a near-impossible task for many of us to stop and simply accept ourselves as we are at this very moment. There can be this sensation that you’ll…

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THREAD: Appeasing The Music Media By Throwing Teen Girls Under The Bus Is Stupid & Pointless

“it’s the teenage girls specifically that they are expected and encouraged to rid themselves of. Gaining a lot of male fans! That’s great! That’s a sign you’re on the road to being a better and more prolific artist. At least as far as these disgusting misogynists and the brainwashed enablers of this hateful garbage are concerned.”

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Justin Bieber: Please Shut The Hell Up!

After watching The Weeknd get utterly and inexplicably snubbed across the board, you want to bring your “I want to speak to the manager!” energy to the Internet because your music wasn’t deemed, for lack of a better word, black enough?!

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Balancing Kindness And Savageness Isn’t Easy—But Here’s Why It’s Worth It

In my own mind, I’m a passive, fairly gentle person 98% of the time. In the minds of others, I’m in-between “snaps.” What do I mean by snaps? Well, that’s…

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” wrote the thread “BTS: Return Of The First Gen?” in December 2017. However, this update comes in September 2019. A lot has happened between the time I first published my thoughts on BTS and their throwback appeal.”

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ETCETERA: BTS And The Genius Of Lacking Pre-Defined Demographics

Despite what stubborn members of the Western media think, BTS’ demographic isn’t limited to pre-teen girls. This stereotype is an annoyingly predictable one, which is a shame. All anyone has…

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ARMYs Are Mental Time Travelers: A Key To Fandom Success? (PART I)

It almost goes without saying that ARMYs think in ways that separate our fandom from practically every other fandom around, both past and present. One such separation puts ARMYs in…

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