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BTS & Fragile Masculinity

You’ve likely seen, heard about, or experienced this yourself. You’re enjoying BTS or there’s a fun announcement concerning them, and some man (family member, friend, husband, or stranger) decides to…

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“But What Will The BTS Antis Think?!”

Yes, in 2021, there are still people who prioritize the negative opinions of people who HATE BTS and ARMY. And they live their entire fandom life carefully saying things that…

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The Curious Case of Billboard’s Bullsh*t

I know this blog post is technically a few days late. However, I needed a little time to decompress before addressing Billboard’s ongoing self-serving hypocrisy as directed at BTS and…

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Ignoring BTS & Gaslighting ARMY Won’t Work (Sorry, Not Sorry)

I have so much content backed up thanks to (predictably) having a lot of extra work thrust on me. But that wasn’t going to stop me from getting this point…

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PSA On The Absurdity Of Guilt Tripping BTS ARMY

Stop thinking that the best prizes come from what you think you’re entitled to or what someone should hand you. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” isn’t just a phrase. It’s an invitation to join hands and apply yourselves to more than weak shade and Twitter clout! 🍵

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Billboard Needs To Fix Its Passive-Aggressive Bias Against BTS

Billboard has a “BTS bias” problem. That might seem rich coming from me, a full-fledged ARMY, someone expected to be biased when it comes to BTS. However, I am not claiming to be a reliably objective standard of week-by-week sales and popularity.

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#MessyMidday: Because It’s Midnight Somewhere!

Something very strange (and yet, somehow predictable) happened to my overworked brain: I convinced myself that today is Friday and not Saturday. Technically, my #MessyMidnight stuff does happen on a…

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Why BTS & ARMY Will Win In The End

I think becoming a BTS ARMY is a very educational experience. Not only does BTS’s music and art get you to think about everything from Korean folklore to time travel,…

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Nevermind The Lost Clowns, Here’s The MV!
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