BTS IS COMING! New Album Announced With Release Date

BTS IS COMING! New Album Announced With Release Date

After an admittedly rough week, leave it to BTS to make it end on an epic note! ๐ŸŽ‰At the end of Saturday’s concert, attendees saw this video:


BTS is dropping a new album on June 10th. Needless to say, the ARMY at the concert went feral.

ARMY not at the concert went feral, too, I mean WE ARE REALLY ABOUT TO GET A NEW ALBUM!

Some of us suspected and hoped that maybe they would give us clues or tease a future album on the last day of the concert. We weren’t sure, but we thought the timing could be perfect to do so, and that is exactly what happened.

And, naturally, ARMY all over planet Earth lost our collective shit.

Um, but not me, though because I was sleeping. ๐Ÿ˜… (Again, it’s been a hard week…)

But what’s eerie is I did dream about a new BTS album (it was big and purple). But, before you break out the crystal balls or ask me for lottery numbers, I should say this was not the first time I’d dreamed about new music or a new album. It’s just this was the first time I woke up without clown makeup because it was the truth! This was literally a case of “dreams come true,” and I’m really excited to theorize and guess what this newest era of music has in store!


I use the word “return” here loosely because while BTS has been known to revisit and put a fresh spin on past sounds and concepts, they never really repeat themselves. We have very little to go on, but there are enough things floating around to make me wonder if we’re going to see a greater emphasis on hip-hop-oriented music.

Allegedly Snoop Dogg has confirmed a collab, and maybe that’s for this album? I have no idea what to expect, but I really wouldn’t be mad at an album that leans in that direction. BTS is pretty versatile and unpredictable, so there’s no way to know for sure what’s ahead, and I’m sure everyone has their theories.


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