I think becoming a BTS ARMY is a very educational experience. Not only does BTS’s music and art get you to think about everything from Korean folklore to time travel, but you are also front and center to the dark realities often at work against successful non-white artists. For those of us who are of color and living in societies still grappling with institutionalized racism, the roadblocks aren’t shocking. They exist in many of our own lives, and we’re still doing our best to fight back.

However, if you live in a racially homogenous country or never previously questioned white privilege, watching BTS get purposely blocked could be an eye-opening experience. One that, I hope, will afford you an opportunity to step back and really understand what POC go through to get ahead in these situations.

It’s why I get visibly angry at those who insist on referring to American ARMY as “lazy.”

I think some people are used to hard work being enough. They’re told their whole lives by their parents that working harder or working smarter is enough and that if they do so, everything will work out. There is an entirely separate toxic element to the verbal abuse that often accompanies this mindset that I’ll address in a future thread or blog post.

Despite all the bullsh*t, what American ARMY accomplished despite having every conceivable roadblock thrown at us and BTS is nothing short of a miracle. We endured every conceivable inconvenience, passive-aggressive, and openly aggressive indignity. American ARMY still keeps going while most others would never have gotten started. I believe this is true for ARMY everywhere. 🙂

ARMY Loves BTS, And Love Is The Most Powerful Motivator There Is!

We want BTS to get everything they deserve in terms of recognition and earnings. It’s not something that stops at Twitter rants. We might have the deck stacked against us, but ARMY’s refusal to give up allows us to slowly grind things in our favor. It’s a team effort with BTS, and as we know:

I am really happy BTS is laying the groundwork for long-term success because what they’re doing is absolutely crucial. Not just in terms of ethnic representation, but also demonstrating the importance of organic success and impact in an industry that’s about fake hype and manipulation. I want people to look at this window in time and appreciate what BTS brought to the world, and I’m confident that many people will do just that!

BTS continues to gain new fans and ARMY at every turn because they are a group of very passionate, talented artists who are easily likable, lovable, and sincere, who use their platform to better the world at every turn. They are a constant source of comfort. I’m not only proud of them and really grateful to be watching this all unfold right now as an active participant.

We constantly see people kicking themselves for joining late and missing out. How many people will get around to them twenty years from now and wish they’d given them a chance today? BTS is building a life-long legacy through their art and entertainment and there’s just nothing anyone can do to block them at this point.

BTS is simply too massive and they shine too bright!

No matter how many people scramble to explain away or dismiss what BTS and ARMY are doing, at this point, they’re telling on themselves. They are pressed, angry, and scared…and ultimately on the wrong side of history. They’ll be the ones scrambling to retroactively explain themselves.

I just want to say that not only am I proud of BTS, but I’m also proud of the ARMY in America and also around the world. All of us make this possible and it goes much deeper than hard work. It’s about mutual respect and love that keeps us going and motivated despite every obstacle and slight.

It’s easy to get distracted by present-day indignities and insincere clout-chasers. Just know that not only will BTS and ARMY win in the end, we already won!

IMAGE: NPR Music/YouTube

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