They say you can’t shame the shameless, but you can at the very least give them a sideways glance that asks if they lost their minds. Or at least their memories. At what point did people delude themselves into thinking ARMY was the fandom to guilt-trip into giving up? It’s a fandom that has always stood apart. In the beginning, it probably wasn’t entirely our choice, but these days, I think it’s say we’re a self-contained community that’s doing just fine!

It’s miraculous, really, when you consider the very people begging ARMY were probably part of the crowd of hateful, spiteful people putting us down from day one. Yeah, I was there when people would berate ARMY showing their support in the YouTube comment sections of other K-pop artists. Imagine bullying people for trying to be genuinely supportive? And I wasn’t the only one present for that nonsense.

When it comes to the antics of todays two-faced hypocritical guilt-trippers, plenty of us remember the hate hashtags.

We remember the “BeggARMY” mocking.

(BTW, I can’t help but notice BTS hater receipts always end up a self-read in the end.) Oh, and speaking of begging, NOBODY was begging for that “paper award” (Top Social Artist nomination) in the beginning:

None of you valued it.

In fact, NONE of you believed anything that BTS achieved was possible until after they got it. And when you see it, what do you decide to do….?


Or, to be more specific, DEMAND that we give you a win that you neither fought for nor earned. My God, I am cringing so hard that I’m practically doing a Shar-Pei impersonation! But then, this attitude isn’t surprising, considering it’s likely learned behavior. *COUGH*

In any case, it should be understood that ARMY, while a generous fandom that frequently gives to charity, is not in the habit of doing anything less than our best for BTS. This is something the people pestering and guilt-tripping ARMY will never understand. If there is a piece of aluminum foil with a heart on it that we could win for BTS, we will fight for that, too. It might not have value to YOU, but if it’s something we can give BTS to show our love for them, we will fight for it.

ARMY value all opportunities. We FIGHT for the best possible outcome. We have never sat back and waited for anyone to make an opportunity worthwhile, which is EXACTLY what the K-pop community did with the BBMAs. You only valued that “paper award” after BTS and ARMY gave it value. And not a moment BEFORE then!

But what makes it especially hilarious in a sad way is that even though we obviously gave that award value, none of you have ever congratulated or acknowledged our hard work. You have never behaved in good faith or apologized for your behavior. You have either tried to pretend it didn’t happen or created a fake alternate reality where ARMY was responsible for your poor behavior and hatefulness so that you never had to apologize or take responsibility.

Now I have this to say to A’TIN, the fandom of SB19. Let me give you all some advice, the kind of advice that entitled K-pop stans won’t give you: If you want the best for your faves, always FIGHT for it. Don’t beg people for votes for any reason. Nobody ever truly gets to the top and stays there off of handouts or pity. And really, do you WANT to say your faves got it because of such things? Of course not! Because you’ll never really be able to hold your head up. And believe me when I say vicious people will hold it against you forever in an effort to discredit any and all gains.

Do not proceed through their poor examples; be prepared to fight hard and work together. Avoid dirty tricks and tactics and make your faves and yourselves proud. This doesn’t mean being perfect, because that’s impossible. Always act in good faith and avoid scummy tactics. Karma is always watching and believe me, she never sleeps!

Believing in your faves means believing they are worth the hard work and every penny spent. Worth coordinating with fellow fans and reaching out tirelessly to try to create new fans. No matter how hard it is, I promise it’s always worth it, because it is those tough times and your raw and unashamed effort that you get to look back on and smile.

As for the “paper award” that others are begging for today, it was once a seed that was planted and ARMY actively nuturued it. You have to plant your own seeds if you want them to grow into something worthwhile. You can’t demand others give you their seed or plant it for you. You will never learn to value anything if you live your life this way.

Because others are still clinging to the idea that if they can just win the Top Social Artist award like BTS, they’ll have the exact same path to the top, let me go ahead and shatter that myth. BTS would have ended up where they are today even if they hadn’t have won at the BBMAs because ARMY never hung their future on winning that one award. We would have found another avenue eventually. And even if another group wins TSA, if their fandom is neither willing nor able to run with that victory, if they lack creativity and willpower, nothing much will come of it.

In short, stop begging ARMY for anything. Stop thinking that the best prizes come from what you think you’re entitled to or what someone should hand you. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” isn’t just a phrase. It’s an invitation to join hands and apply yourselves to more than weak shade and Twitter clout! 🍵

P.S. Even if you weren’t actively hating on BTS and ARMY at the time, indifference in the face of such cruelty makes one culpable in their own way. So please, don’t reach out with demands if you didn’t reach out with compassion when it was needed. Please and thank you.

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