I have so much content backed up thanks to (predictably) having a lot of extra work thrust on me. But that wasn’t going to stop me from getting this point out in blog form.

*clears throat*

No amount of gaslighting, ignoring, defaming, or invalidation will make BTS magically disappear. Such efforts also will not magically elevate the bland as fuck industry plants that people do not care enough to buy music for, who disappear within a couple of short years.

If they last that long.

ARMY adores BTS. We enjoy buying their music. We are currently engaged in a civil war over purple whale plushies. The world may not survive the actual war that will break out over concert tickets. There is no universe to escape to where you can snap your fingers, and their impact will go away, along with us, their very vocal and not remotely intimidated fandom. We see you shady motherfuckers. And I say that BTS’s career and influence will likely outlast you. 😊

After all, what BTS has and will have is genuine support from real people spending actual money. They aren’t trying to pass social media followers off as music fans, and they aren’t out here actively telling music fans they’re ruining the industry and charts by “buying too much music.”

This is a sentiment that still baffles me. Like, how are you getting mad at ARMY for buying a bunch of music?

I mean, I assumed these people wanted to encourage people to buy music. It’s a lot less expensive than having to fake success and hype. Wouldn’t encouraging people to get out there and buy all the music be a better strategy for re-establishing authenticity than say:

All in a pathetic attempt to re-create the sensation of having introduced a star to the public instead of a placeholder for the next fake nobody that everyone will forget almost immediately.

*flutters eyelashes*

As for the social media ghosts happily spreading poison because they’re MAD mad at everything we do that they don’t for the people they supposedly stan, I already said enough.

Now, I get why these idiots want to ignore and maligns us and segregate BTS: In their pea-sized brains, they think that if they force a “BTS is over/never started” narrative, we will become discouraged and simply go away. Embarrassingly, these people really think that BTS debuted a few years ago and that this fandom mostly showed up after the success.

I mean, they really cannot pick a struggle. We are either all fake “bots” or a collection of manipulative masterminds.

Even more hilarious, some people still think we look to the approval of dried-up dinosaurs and edgy clout chasers, desperate to attach ourselves to whatever they say is relevant. *dry heave*

Well, sorry (but not sorry). ARMY has every reason to continue to be a loyal, happy and thriving fandom.

BTS encourages us, their fandom, to love and believe in ourselves. They use their music as a form of healing and catharsis. And btw, they DO genuinely appreciate and care for us. That sentiment is probably upsetting to people purely driven by greed and numbers to the point of being cruelly indifferent. Whatever.

Here’s the reality:

ARMY is never going to shut up about BTS.

We will not stop supporting their music.

We also do not care what lengths certain people go to pretend that BTS isn’t all that and a bag of chips! Ask Naver how that tactic worked out for them. 💅🏾 (Narrator: It didn’t.)


Anyway, I felt a little petty regarding obvious and failed shade and thought I’d make my sentiments known. LOL! Now to get through this backlog of content. 😭

IMAGE: Pexels

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