Something very strange (and yet, somehow predictable) happened to my overworked brain: I convinced myself that today is Friday and not Saturday. Technically, my #MessyMidnight stuff does happen on a Saturday, but at 12:00AM EST US Time. Unfortunately, I got my days mixed up and so no Messy Midnight! ^.^’

Still, I couldn’t let this day pass as I had a few shady things to say, and because I’ll be focused on the BTS comeback for the foreseeable future, it might be awhile before I wade in the toxic waste that is other people’s unasked for opinions and flop attempts at various degrees stanning.

So I decided to make a #MessyMidday blog post!


Anyway, as I don’t have the time for a lengthy post, I present my favorite, “It’s Not My Business, But…”

It’s Not My Business, But…

  • If I were a network that starts with an “M,” existing at a time when hardly anyone needs to watch TV, and one of the biggest network TV draws was unavailable to me because at some point I decided all of the air I could breathe is up SM Entertainment’s ass, I’d probably learn to make better life choices…and learn to love air not associated with SM farts. Tsk-tsk, going out of your way to flop into 2021 when all you had to do was be kind and respectful and not double-down on your bullshit.
  • Speaking of names that start with “M” and end with bad life choices, I can’t imagine missing out on mega writing gigs with the most successful group in the world right now because my entitled ass couldn’t stop taking credit for any and everything in a bid for short-lived clout, only to then join a growing line of dust-collecting Westerners who told themselves they could make a bigger splash elsewhere in K-pop and find the same success. Oh well, Watermelon Sprinkler, I guess flopping counts as splashing. Be sure to ask Ashy how all worked out for him.
  • I don’t think “shutting up ARMY” is a dish on any menu or a food found on the shelves of any grocery store. Your faves need to eat and if your entire motivation is coming for a fandom that’s still not thinking about you, then please do not bother us with your pissing and moaning when they, to the shock of nobody but yourselves, are either outright disbanded or sent on hiatus with hardly any fanfare to remember them by. There are more important things in fandom life than getting on ARMYs’ nerves.
  • If 2020 is wrapping up and after YEARS of trying to ride BTS’s coattails and it’s still just BTS getting the award show invites, major magazine covers, and growing their international fandom, maybe it’s a sign that people aren’t interested in your tired, predictable, dated version of pop music. Offering something new, fresh, and free of the misappropriation of black music might be a good place to start.

And That’s That On That!

Yes, this is short, but I would rather focus on the comeback than throwing shade at people I won’t be thinking about beyond this post. And let’s be honest, neither will you! 😀

I’ll be back with #MessyMidnight in at least a couple of weeks. Enjoy the comeback!

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