“But What Will The BTS Antis Think?!”

“But What Will The BTS Antis Think?!”

Yes, in 2021, there are still people who prioritize the negative opinions of people who HATE BTS and ARMY. And they live their entire fandom life carefully saying things that won’t rock the boat with haters. They’re scared of being mocked. Scared that the people who love to hate us will have something new to crow about if we aren’t careful.

And unfortunately, people operating under this logic have tried to harass certain accounts. Ironically, those of us most known for not giving two shits about anti opinions because…why the fuck would we ever?

Now, I may be snarky at times, but I do genuinely feel for people who cannot really experience fandom happiness because they are still likely traumatized from all the very hurtful things said and done to BTS ARMY by very deranged and hateful people.

To answer the titular question, I want everyone to know that I pretty much do not care what antis think. I don’t care what they tweet. I don’t care what they mock. I spend more time laughing at this people in passing than anything else. They do not stay in my head beyond the chuckle I get in that moment.

Because think about it logically: What harm can they ACTUALLY do to BTS or anyone else?

Look at what BTS has now. Look at where they are. The long-term impression they’ve made on music and world history through their art and influence. What part of that could ever be forcibly removed by some rando being big mad or fruitlessly shady on Twitter?

We don’t all have to agree or even like each other. I make ample use of my block and mute options and I still sleep well at night knowing that an entire fandom dead ass blocked me because I said a song was absolute flaming garbage. The world still turns.

If you get nothing else from this blog post, then I hope you understand that it absolutely sucks to first and foremost prioritize the opinions of antis. To live in constant terror of THEIR responses to anything that is labeled “ARMY business.” That is no way to function, especially as it is 2021 and there’s just nothing that they can say or do that really matters at this point. Unless you allow it to matter.

I hold my opinions, and they are my opinions. You do not have to agree. But one thing that did stop me in my tracks a bit is the idea that there are people who don’t feel the same level of excitement that I do about things because they are still living in terror of what antis are going to say/do.

It’s been rough at times, but those times…are over. If you want them to be.

If you’re not sure how to clean your timeline and make this type of worry a thing of the past, I wrote a whole (free) e-book that you can absolutely use to curate your Twitter feed and only ever focus on the things that make you happy. Because social media is SUPPOSED to be fun, not stressful.

P.S. If blocking/muting me will take from your stress, I am not mad. Do what’s best for you!


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