Hey guys! I’m really sorry this is up soooo late. The truth is that I struggled to put together a list of moments that I felt would be satisfactory. It wasn’t until I started finalizing this “listicle” that I realized just how much happened last year, and WAY MORE than I could find room for!

I debated how long I wanted this post to be (because its a blog post and not a thread) because I didn’t want this post to turn into an endless scroll.

I do want this list to serve as a reminder of just how wonderful 2018 was for BTS and ARMY. I want us to never forget how wonderful it was.

It’s not an exhaustive list so if you didn’t see a moment you want to remember from last year, tell me what it is in the comment section below and why that moment meant so much to you!

And with that, here’s my picks for the biggest wins and most fun moments for BTS and ARMY in 2018. By the way, these aren’t in any particular order.

BTS Performs At The Billboard Music Awards

For the first time ever, a Korean boy group debuted a song on an American award show. It was a strong statement that BTS had arrived and wouldn’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

And while ARMYs at home might have been screaming at the camera director every time the camera focused on the audience, I’ll say in their defense they were probably trying to create a dynamic similar to the Beatles’ first American TV appearance, which also featured cuts to screaming fans.

In any case, it was a wonderful moment for BTS and ARMYs alike.

BTS Sells 5 Million Albums In One Year (Per Gaon)

After being mocked for failing to sell 10 million albums, BTS become the fastest group to hit the mark. Not only that, but they managed to sell more than 5 million albums (about half the total in their entire career) in 2018 alone!

You’ll notice that people stopped with the “Who?” remarks this year, because only the biggest artists in the world sell like this globally. Not only that but in markets where streaming dominates, BTS had fans raising to own a physical copy of their work. No easy achievement, I can assure you.

ARMYs Stop Everything For The Outcast AU

Early in 2018, the fandom was in the grip of a popular BTS Fan Fic AU known as “OUTCAST.” Created by a then 15-year-old ARMY named @flirtaus, the series was inescapable. Even if you weren’t crazy about the AU, you likely knew what it was. A hashtag trended daily as ARMYs tried to figure out who the guilty member was.

The moment mattered because so many ARMYs came together to entertain themselves and each other, and without having to be prompted by BTS or Big Hit. It was a moment that demonstrated that ARMYs can enjoy each other’s company and find things to do that don’t involve waiting around for comeback news.

BTS Receives Order Of Cultural Merit Award

If you were in the fandom in 2017, you’ll recall they were nominated for the Commendation of President Award. They ultimately didn’t get it because they hadn’t been around for an alleged minimum of 5 years. I was disappointed, but I guess things worked out in the end, right?

By receiving the Order of Cultural Merit, BTS members are the youngest recipients in Korea’s history to obtain this highest possible honor.

BTS’ Ground-Breaking ‘Love Yourself’ World Tour

There might have been a few unpredictable hiccups, but overall, the Love Yourself Tour proved to be an absolute success, selling out shows on multiple continents.

That includes BTS’ first time in Europe, where they managed to sell out stops in London, Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam in a matter of hours. Not only were these ambitious arena stops a first for any Korean group, the speed at which they sold out no doubt shocked quite a lot of bystanders.

It was a tour that saw BTS sell-out major stadiums.

This includes Seoul’s Olympic Stadium and Queen’s New York’s Citi Field. Tickets for stadiums and arenas alike were gone in a matter of MINUTES. As for Seoul, that two-night event led to about $8.4 million in revenue. And Citi Field? BTS are the first and only Asian act to play to a packed stadium in the United States!

Even now, ARMYs all over the world are anxiously awaiting news of additional tour stops and dates. And with the incredible success of this tour, there will be even more record-breaking performances in the future.

African ARMYs launch the “IDOL” Dance Challenge

There was NO WAY we were going to get the South African-inspired “IDOL” and not have a dance challenge, right?

Thankfully, our African ARMYs got right on that!

And the outcome was EPIC! It quickly spread to ARMYs everywhere and I can’t post them all so I’ll just post this one because it was one of my favorite submissions:

Actually, the challenge did SO well, that BTS members participated.

And when Big Hit and BTS dropped a second music video for “IDOL,” this one featuring Nicki Minaj, it included ARMYs doing the #IDOLCHALLENGE.

It was a moment that started with passionate ARMYs, reached BTS, and reverberated around the world in its flawlessness!

BTS Get Interviewed At The Grammy Museum

We’d suspected that BTS were on the radar of the Recording Academy and the invitation to sit for an interview at the Grammy Museum confirmed that. It was hilarious as ARMYs scolded those in attendance to dress well and be on their best behavior.

The interview gave BTS the opportunity to talk about their music and creative process as artists in an environment where they were they respected for their art and not condescended for being “just a foreign pop boyband.”

The “HixTape” Finally Happened!

Better known as Hope World, it was a wonderful moment for J-Hope and ARMY when this highly anticipated mixtape was released to the world in March 2018.

Hobi’s free mixtape ended up being a record-breaking smash, peaking at #38 on the Billboard 200, and hitting #1 in 63 countries within a day.

It was also filled with bops, some of which felt almost criminally short. Looking at you, “BASE LINE.”

Oh, and I have to mention “Airplane,” which set the stage for the Latin-influenced sequel on Love Yourself: Tear.

I’m really excited by the strength of Hobi’s first mixtape. His follow-up is destined to be even more incredible!

BTS Earn Back-To-Back #1 Albums And A Top 10 Hit

Imagine having a number one album. Now imagine having two number one albums within the span of a few short months. Well, BTS can thanks to both Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer hitting #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart! Not only that, but their single “FAKE LOVE” managed to crack the Top 10 on Billboard.

There was no fake love to be found as BTS would go on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies of their Love Yourself albums in the United States alone last year.

Namjoon’s mono = “Monster No More”

We received not one, but TWO rap line mixtapes in 2018, with Namjoon gifting us his “playlist” Mono in October 2018. He went #1 on iTunes in 90 countries.

It was a beautiful, emotive offering that demonstrated just how much Namjoon grew as a lyricist and artist over the past few years.

My personal favorite on the album is “Moonchild.” It’s both comforting and yet somehow makes me want to cry. To be honest, you can extend that mood to the entire album.

Also, did anyone else choke up when they found out that mono was actually an abbreviation for “Monster no more?”

“Hello, We Are Beardtan!”

For April Fool’s Day 2018, I-ARMYs decided to turn their Twitter account icons into images of BTS members with beards.

Someone even took a photo-shopped photo of Namjoon and edited it with a very special (controversial) beard that yours truly said would be Namjoon if he were a beard. The beard edit allegedly made it to Korean news. (LOL!)

It was a hilariously chaotic day, made even more funny by the fact that while we were being random as hell on the international side, K-ARMYs all decided they were going to be ARMY bombs!

BTS Earn U.S. Gold & Platinum

The last time a Korean went gold and platinum in the United States, it was PSY off the back of a viral hit in “Gangnam Style.” BTS had buzz behind them when they made their way to America, but nothing viral. So when BTS became the first Korean group to get gold with “MIC DROP,” the entire fandom was stunned.

But the certifications did NOT stop as 2018 would end with BTS earning additional gold singles (DNA, FAKE LOVE, and IDOL), a platinum single (MIC DROP) and the first ever gold album for a Korean act (Love Yourself: Answer).

Jin Cuts His Own Hair On Twitter

Sometimes a Jin’s got to do what a Jin’s got to do. Unsatisfied with the state of his bangs and finding himself unable to see comfortably, Jin decided to give himself a quick trim with some kitchen scissors.

Jin’s display of freedom is one that many might take for granted. As someone who observed K-pop for many years before closing the book on the industry, I can tell you that the industry was and remains infamous for keeping a tight leash on idols, controlling every aspect of how they present themselves.

Jin does what he wants quite a lot of the time, but goes out of his way to never to make the younger members feel burdened by his status as the oldest. Nobody but our “Worldwide Handsome” could walk such a fine line with such thoughtful finesse.


ARMYs Throw A Glitch Party

ARMYs don’t just consume BTS content and move on. We make it a habit of watching and rewatching music videos, RUN BTS! episodes, and dance practices.

So when the dance practice for “Run” showed a curious glitch that fans insisted wasn’t there before, the entire fandom lost it.

Was it a YouTube error or a clue for the comeback? Nobody could figure out anything for certain. And when you’re in comeback season, sometimes it’s hard to know if something’s a big fat clue or a paranoia-inducing coincidence. It didn’t help that the glitch rumors surfaced right around April Fool’s Day.

Twitter ARMYs trended #BTSGlitchParty and people even changed their icons and usernames to glitches. We were all jobless and it was very fun!

Yoongi Brings World Peace…With His Butt

So early January 2018 was a tense time for the fandom because of stupid drama that I won’t mention. The ugly mood was brought to a screeching halt by Yoongi falling out of Namjoon’s old chair and getting a “boo boo” on his boo-ty.

Because ARMYs have exactly ZERO chill, a hashtag (#민덩방아) trended about Yoongi busting his bottom. Everyone had a good laugh and the tension eased, freeing us to go back to focusing on our faves and prepping for what would eventually turn into a history-making comeback.

Taehyung honors Purple Ribbon ARMY Project

Korean idol airport culture sucks and is highly problematic. There are no private exists for stars, who are often boxed in by obsessed fans, stalkers and paparazzi.

Unable to bear to see BTS members so mistreated, some ARMYs (*waves at @msbeatrice_81*) launched a project called the “Purple Ribbon ARMY Project,” meant to encourage fans to stay back and protect BTS from the pushing and shoving that some had started to normalize when it came to popular artists.

It was a massive moment as it marked the first time the fandom of a Korean group took the lead in encouraging better standards for and better treatment of their beloved artists as they simply tried to make their way through the airport.

ARMYs effort wasn’t lost on BTS, who shouted out the project during an interview. But perhaps it was Taehyung, the originator of “I Purple You!” himself, who paid the most touching tribute to ARMYs as a thank you for their dedication.

It’s hard to imagine how good it feels to know your thoughtful project made BTS proud and helped set ARMYs apart as a fandom. But I guess it might feel pretty darn good, especially when you get a highly symbolic show of appreciation like this!

Tear Surprises With A Grammy Nomination

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING! Not a single nomination of any kind. But against all odds, BTS did get a Grammy nomination for Love Yourself: Tear.

The nomination wasn’t a music one, and quite a few people were indignant about the fact. I will be the first to admit I REALLY wanted a music nomination. And I know years later the Grammys will look back and CRINGE on their early treatment of BTS and their music and probably try to make up for it ten years from now, but I’ve seen what doors can open for BTS with non-music nominations and wins.

BTS is a group that’s been underrated and underestimated from the beginning. But more accolades are coming, of that you can be sure!

Jungkook Makes Awesome Oath To ARMYs!

Determined to get closer to ARMY, Jungkook makes a promise to be more active on social media. He promised to open a weekly chat with fans (a promise he’s somehow been able to keep for the most part despite one Hell of a busy schedule) and he even stunned Twitter stans by being more active there.

Jungkook’s social media marathon has inspired other BTS members to pop on social media more regularly as well, causing ARMYs everywhere to have a combination of heart attacks and “why can’t that be me?” syndrome.

Overall, it’s really touching that Jungkook has worked so hard to try to strengthen his bond with fans at the height of BTS’ fame. Other artists usually begin to pull away from fans when they get this famous — and fast. Jungkook’s sweet efforts really show what a loving little muffin he is.

…I’m going to pause for a moment to be soft.


Okay, on we go!

MAMA Daesang Speech Has Everyone In Tears

BTS became the first and only Korean group to win the MAMA Artist of the Year daesang three years in a row. After what felt like a shock in 2016, BTS had such an awesome 2017 that it was ultimately a no-brainer. But whispers circulated the internet that BTS were going to be robbed. But that didn’t happen. Despite pulling off such a surprising feat, BTS members shared their gratitude with class and humility.

But absolutely nobody was prepared for Hobi to break down during his speech.

Within a matter of seconds, things turned very emotional. Not just for BTS, but for ARMYs everywhere. BTS members admitted they’d had some struggles, and briefly weighed whether or not to continue. Whether ARMYs realize it or not, this fandom has had its share of ordeals as well.

For all the many triumphs, there were also trials. It was a moment of emotional unburdening, but also, a revelation of deep love and mutual trust and respect between artist and fandom.

It was a moment that many ARMYs will point to and say it inspired them to work even harder in 2019. Because if life makes BTS cry for any reason, we must punch life in the face. I don’t make the rules.

Jimin’s ‘Promise’

I was at war with myself over this, only because there was a part of me that wanted to talk about THIS:

And as adorable as the Jimin/Jimmy connection is, the bigger moment was no doubt Jimin’s “Promise.” It’s a beautiful single he gave us for free through SoundCloud.

*wails, “I would have paid you for this, Jimin!”*

Jimin has such a beautiful, reassuring falsetto that blends beautifully with a guitar. The song feels like a pinky promise set to music, a stripped down and simply undeniable bop. “Promise” was such a smash with ARMYs that Jimin broke Drake’s first-day streaming record on the SoundCloud platform!

BTS Burn The Stage…And Screen!

ARMYs scrambled to subscribe to YouTube so that they could check out BTS’ 8-episode documentary Burn The Stage. The series took ARMYs behind the scenes and showed us things we might have never known.

Sometimes heart-breaking other times inspiring, Burn The Stage demonstrated BTS’ desire to be seen and respected as artists rather than interchangeable K-pop idols.

Things were taken a step further when Burn The Stage make its record-breaking debut in movie theaters around the world. BTS are showing they can do well on the big and small screen. I suspect there will be interesting implications for this down the road!

BTS Speak Themselves At The United Nations

Did you REALLY think I wasn’t going to mention this moment?! In September 2018, BTS visited the United Nations to help announce UNICEF’s global partnership Generation Unlimited. In doing so, they became the first Korean group to appear and speak at the U.N. Korea’s first lady Kim Jung-sook was right there to cheer them on.

Namjoon gave a brilliantly inspiring speech, during which he called on the youth of today to “speak themselves.”

The speech was supposed to originally be three minutes long. But in the end, it was exactly as long as it needed to be to inspire fans and non-fans alike and get everyone to think about how can accept and love themselves, mistakes and all.

It was a key moment in forever changing the way people think about BTS, as their message of love was fully on display.

For the first time, it seemed people were waking up to the reality that these young men weren’t just a silly boyband with crackhead teenage fans. BTS is, in fact, a dorky and amazingly hardworking group of talented guys with a self-love agenda, one fully supported by a diverse fandom filled with crackhead fans of all ages!


That wraps up my list! It was a lot of fun to look back on all the great things that happened to BTS and ARMY in 2018. I look forward to making all sorts of wonderful memories with you guys in 2019, too!



IMAGE: YouTube

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