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I’m sure some of you are wondering, “Who is Odie, really?

At the end of the day, I’m just a woman who has a lot of strong opinions on all kinds of topics. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about them all on a BTS fan account. So here I am with a blog!

Aside from BTS and ARMY stuff, I’ll be sharing blog posts about certain topics and themes that interest me. Mainly nerdy pop culture stuff.

I launched OGAB in February 2018 with the intent of making it the dominant means of spreading my content. I’m…still working on that. But I’m grateful that I’ve been able to maintain my blog this long. And I’m especially appreciative of the love and support I received for keeping up with this project. 🙂

It’s my hope that I’ll be able to successfully use this website to share my threads, blog posts, podcasts, ebooks, and other upcoming content.

If you ever have any questions (aside from super-personal stuff, as I will not be sharing that, LOL…), feel free to hit me up at hello@odiegotablog.com. Or you can just say, “Hi!”

That’s fine! 😀

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