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There sat Halsey, practically in tears as she shared, via a Tik Tok video of all things, that the label is withholding the release of her new music. According to…

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lies and more lies

I want to start by saying something extremely important, so please pay attention: Any comeback campaign by members of the press to denigrate BTS and malign ARMY isn’t about “distracting…

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One of the things that made Beyonce’s 2013 surprise self-titled album drop such a big deal was that it was a true surprise. There were no leaks. Miraculously, at a…

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Maintaining the health of and goodwill within a large fandom or community is very, VERY hard. One thing that has always worked to ARMY’s advantage is that we’ve generally been…

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After an admittedly rough week, leave it to BTS to make it end on an epic note! 🎉At the end of Saturday’s concert, attendees saw this video: BTS is dropping…

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people protesting against the war in ukraine

So I wanted to snap back into fandom action by today. But each waking hour was spent doom scrolling on Reddit, which sent me to Twitter for additional doom scrolling….

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BTS & Fragile Masculinity

You’ve likely seen, heard about, or experienced this yourself. You’re enjoying BTS or there’s a fun announcement concerning them, and some man (family member, friend, husband, or stranger) decides to…

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